COVID-19 Announcement

Update (6/25/21): Inside OR Curbside – YOUR choice!

Our hospital is now fully open to our clients! It’s too hot to sit in your car and your comfort and safety is important to us. We are very happy to offer continued curbside service for any of our clients who prefer it for any reason.

We continue to ask that you do not come into the hospital if you have a fever or respiratory symptoms, and we respectfully suggest that you consider wearing a fitted face mask while in the hospital.

Our staff will continue to practice careful decontamination procedures, social distancing and masking. To avoid overcrowding, we will ask that only one person per appointment be in our small exam rooms. Everyone else in your party can enjoy our cool lobby, TV, water, sodas and snacks. The doctors and staff will be happy to discuss your pet’s exam with the whole family in our beautiful larger, airier, lobby.

Simply inform our staff when you schedule an appointment whether you would prefer curbside or inside service. For curbside service, please call when you arrive (970-305-5522), and we’ll take it from there. For inside service, just come on in when you arrive (just like the old days!).

Thank you for your patience and support over the past 18 months and we look forward to seeing your smiling faces in our hospital again soon!

Midtown Veterinary Medical Center Team